Thursday, February 27, 2014

What if....

Love Letter, 12x30x2, Acrylic
by Alisa Steady

....we lived in a world where everyone was doing what they loved to do? Instead of schlepping through the workweek with a glazed over look in the eye?

What if we didn't live for the weekends, and actually looked forward to Mondays?

What if people stopped what they were doing long enough to self examine who they are and where they are right *now*, and ask themselves, 'If I'm not happy, what would I rather be doing?'

We live in a world full of opportunities and new adventures. We exist alongside a Universe that is loving, and provides us everything we ask for... why are so many of us feeling trapped in our jobs? In our lives?

What if we weren't frightened by the 'All Mighty Pay Check' and really deep dived into ourselves to discover an old dream - the one that used to keep us excited about rockets, time travel, colorful drawings, and visits to exotic places?

What if...?

and what would life look like if we changed it?


  1. amazing post and insight. sometimes I feel trapped in my job because it takes a lot of energy and leaves me with less energy to do what my heart leads me to do. working toward less dependence on that paycheck - it's all a process.

    Meg M.

    1. Yes, indeed m'dear. What we resist persists - so, I have come to accept my day job. And lemme tell you, it's been a real eye opener. I'm calm, and detached. Happy to be there, but not emotionally weaved into the stress and work drama / politics. Now that I am accepting of it, I know I can change my future - turn it into my life, my way, my business. :o) xoxo