Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Stories We Tell Ourselves...What's Your Story?

We all have a daily narrative we tell ourselves - it's our "story." The story of who we are and how we came to be. It's an intricate story too, rife with characters who show up and reliably say their lines, then disappear as the story goes on. In fact, we know this story so well, sometimes we don't even 'hear' it anymore. 

But we live it. Day after day after day.

What's your story? Is it a good one? Or is it a bit like mine - pathetic and a real tear jerker? Hard to believe I've lived all these years with this pathetic story about myself running along side my daily routines. The root of it steeped in my early years in a school setting which, sadly, seemed to affect me negatively despite all the reassuring and confidence building my parents instilled.

 In the spirit of being honest about my story so that we can all grow from realizing we need new updated stories, here it is:

My daily story goes like this: I’m smart, but not business success smart. Even the teachers in elementary, middle and high school saw that and did little to encourage me to shine with what I was good at: CREATING. Only the popular kids, or the really really smart kids got to shine. Not kids like me -I was introverted, shy, and wondered why my brain wasn’t like the other kids. Especially when it came to math and science. Lots of ‘F’s on quizzes and tests, and struggling to understand in a classroom setting made me believe that I didn’t have the DNA for success. That I was different. Strange. A loser. I struggled with feeling sub-par all my childhood, not really being good enough at anything to get the recognition I wanted by my teachers that the others kids got.

This is part of the story that I tell myself over and over again like a broken record, that: I’m just not good enough, and will never be as good as *them* and that I will just have to make do in life. I was influenced into believing I was nothing more than below average. Never really going to amount to anything. A struggler. A quitter…..

Until now.

How many of you have similar stories circulating daily? These ridiculous stories steeped in bullshit? Do you know that the story you tell yourself can deeply deeply affect your successes and accomplishments? These stories are very dangerous - like putting a cap over Old Faithful. Explosive, untrue, and if Tom Cruise had any say in it, he'd be suing the shit out of your personal stories for slander, falsified information, and defamation of character.

I'm not saying it's easy to rewrite your personal story, but you should. Starting right now. Even if it's just one sentence, or even one WORD. 

We are amazing people, people. We are geniuses. We are massively creative. We are fiercely loyal, exquisite lovers, fantastic writers, fabulous sculptors, life changing teachers, amazing leaders, fist-pumping counselors - I mean, c'mon. Enough with the crappy story-telling.

Time to rewrite our inner stories to reflect who we are today, highlighting all the accomplishments we've made (big and small!), with Madden announcing them ALL in a sweaty ball of shear unbridled excitement!

We are not our past. We are the now. Take what works from your past, but let the rest go. 

Time to tell a story about you that is REAL. That is *true.* You are a mad genius who can make anything happen!!

So, what will you start your story off with? How about...

I'm a genius and I f%$#@!  Rock!

And yes, profuse swearing is absolutely permitted. If it takes the f-bomb to rewrite your super fantastic new story, then f-bomb away. You have permission. 


  1. I'm just now getting to reading this, but I really loved it. I can SO relate to your story of growing up… and can excitedly say "Me too!!!" Thankfully, over the years I've done a lot of work to rewrite, but still there is some rewriting to do. I have great confidence in my unique creative vision now, something I've worked hard to develop over the past 5 or 6 years… but the business side of things… yep, that's the next place for me to work on for sure. Thank you!

    1. Omg, our stories, ancient as they may be, just completely dictate how we see ourselves today! I didn't know you could rewrite your story, either - until recently. And I have been actively rewriting mine, and it's 1) made me so much happier, 2) is building a lot of cocky confident, and 3) makes me feel unstoppable. So - yay for rewriting our stories! We are all giants....we just have to tell ourselves that.