Monday, February 3, 2014

Straight Talk

I want to write about following your gut, instead of your wallet.

No flash here. No accompanying pictures. Just straight talk only about what it means to grow into who you really are by listening to your intuition, instead of being head-driven by the wallet, or the "bottom line."

I'm talking to those of us who *aspire* to take our passions and turn them into full time creative lives.

This is a very important topic, and one I have only recently stepped into and contemplated. I have manifested a close circle of people I listen to and take advice from, people I trust based on where they're coming from and how they tie into who I am aspiring to become. These people are artists, coaches, spear-headers, and shit-kickers.

Not too long ago, I thought being able to live in my passion full time meant I had to put money first - the powerful green engine at the head of a long string of train cars filled with art, thought, ideas, concern, worry, discomfort, and fear chugging along a single track that would eventually get me to my end-goal.

But guess what? It's all a bunch of head space f#@$&%ery. The putting the bottom line first and working backwards from there. The 'hard sell' and the rah rah rahing from multiple business gurus telling you how to map to your success. Listen closely: Crumple all of it up into a tight little ball and toss it away.

Brazen?  Yep. 2014 is the year of 'Open' for me, and lemme tell you - so far, I have been *opened* way up. Yes, there is great advice out there. Yes it's okay to take what makes sense to you and apply it to your growing thriving business. But, honestly - if you think about it - the real success stories of companies and small businesses stems from those organizations putting their customers FIRST. Not money. Not numbers. Not marketing.

It's all about the people, people.

Putting your people first is so vitally important, I'm learning. Because instead of looking at your peeps as a number on a spreadsheet and how much money they spent on your product (the "bottom line"), you are - instead - caring for them, catering to them with your own brand of love and the magic you have to give, putting it out there with heart FIRST.

I'm beginning to get that success comes to those who are in alignment with their higher selves. What does that mean exactly? Tell you what, I'll address it in a new post. But for now, just know that when you are doing what absolutely feels right to you in every way, your people *find YOU*.

Does that take a heap of stress off your shoulders? I hope so. When you build your passion organically putting your people first, and listening carefully to business advice but only taking what works best for your special business (built by YOU), you'll find that running a business can be a deeply spiritual, wonderful endeavor calling forth those people who are drawn to you and what you have to offer because they know intuitively that you put them FIRST.

To me, realizing this (with the help of my circle of fantastic peeps) has made me totally re-approach how I'm building my art business. In fact, strike 'business' from that, and insert 'Life' I'm totally re-approaching how I'm building my Art Life.

There are some great books out there on this....when I finish reading them, I'll make some recommendations.



  1. Alisa...I love what you write here. I felt especially connected with the line, "success comes to those who are in alignment with their higher selves." My word of the year in 2013 was alignment...I felt like I was completely out of synch with who I aspired to be. It was eye opening, and while it's an ever changing and shifting thing, the ways I aligned myself resulted in some big, big changes. Great post!

    1. You can feel when you're not in alignment - which is what I think most people are feeling, but can't put their finger on it. Thank you for your great comment, Danielle!! It's amazing how a shift of amazing proportions takes place when you become conscious about who you really are....xoxoxo