Friday, February 21, 2014

'Fake It Til You Make It' - And Everything *Wrong* With That

I have clocked many day job hours in the corporate world, and one of the anthems I hear in casual conversation around the water cooler is "Hey, fake it til ya make it, you know?" And that <<whole>> icky ju-ju surrounding this statement is *so* negative, and *so* indicative of a mindset - it's like driving a poisonous spike into the rich soil of personal growth. 

That's why I want to talk about it. This mindset is not just limited to some of the cogs in Corporate America, either. It's everywhere. I hear it all the time - out in the world, on t.v.  That whole 'fake it' mindset is dangerous. I mean, if you take a sec to really think about what this means - what it's implying - doesn't it make you feel kinda, gross?  I mean, what is the message that's being sent? 

First message: A big huge hot steaming pile of expectation and instant gratification, please. Hey, I don't have to work hard where I am now if I'm eyeing that end goal down the road. What should I? I don't care about 'now.' I care about 'then.'

Second message:  Non-investment in current situation. Why should I waste time investing knowledge and subject matter expertise right 'now' if I'm aiming for that over there?

Third message: Total disregard and lack of respect for self, and others who may (or may not be) affected by mindset.

And I could go on. And on. And on.

Frankly, it's disappointing to hear those words flow so easily out of someone's mouth. 

You won't hear it coming out of mine. I don't want to fake like I know how to be an artist in order to BE the artist I aspire to become. Besides, the big glaring 'DUH!' at the end of all this is:

If you fake it til you make it to your end goal, how the hell are you going to stay there if you have no fucking foundation or firm grasp on understanding HOW you got there in the first place?

So, please - if you use that expression? Think about it before you let it fly out of your mouth. It makes you look bad, and it leaves a really really long lasting bad impression on other hard working people around you.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY endorse all that. Superficial involvement in your art will get you nowhere. You have to commit wholeheartedly.

    1. Yes! Just strike the work 'fake' from the vocab....

  2. I hear what you're saying. But, I think I look at that statement a little differently. I use the statement in the sense, that don't let insecurities stop you from doing what you want; keep your chin up and act like you've made it, because it will come with a lot of effort and hard work. I've actually never looked at it the way you've described, so it made me stop and think. So thanks for that. This has me really thinking about the statement. I find it used more in corporate settings than anywhere else; and after being in corporate for years, before taking off on my artistic career; I have to say there are a lot of fake people in those corporate towers!! Not throwing stones, but extremely happy, I'm not there! :)

    1. I like how you interpret that statement. Like, if you feel scare, just 'be' confident. Or at least pretend to be until it's a fact, lol. I hear the dreaded 'fake it til you make it' expression used most commonly in corporate america. I've done my fair share of time in this warped strange world, and I will not miss that aspect of it when I leave forever. :o) xox