Thursday, January 30, 2014

Clap Along If You Know What Happiness Is To You

(Photos courtesy of Keith Dixon and Ren Allen. Jeanne Bessette 2014 Artist Workshop, Raleigh, NC)

I realize how powerful we all are as creative beings. Seriously. Did you know you can do and be *anything* you want? Bet they didn't tell you that a lot growing up (I know I didn't hear a lot of that as a kid outside of my family).

Well, it's true. And I'm just now - at the ripe age of 43 - beginning to *realize* it.

Guess what? I want to be an artist. A bright shiny star orbiting around life with color and creativity. And guess what else? There ain't nothing wrong with that desire, not one tiny little bit.

Man, if I could just go back in time - knowing what I know right now - I could replace all that bullshit brainwashing we're fed as kids about making money and living the 'American' dream, and fuel my confidence into believing (regardless of what "they" tell me) that I can do it! I can do it and I will and no, I won't believe anything otherwise!

Here's the thing: Being squashed into a conventional life is not for me. I hate it. It makes me feel confined. Claustrophobic. Anxious. Not knocking that life if that is someone's true happiness. But it's not mine. And that is one big huge takeaway from my workshop in North Carolina a couple weeks ago - that it's perfectly okay to be a creative person, and that as a creative person, I can make a wonderful living being creative! (How many of you are envisioning some authoritative figure in your childhood looking stricken by that notion? I'm picturing three at the very least....)

Thing is - whatever it is that you are and believe yourself to be - you are denying yourself a real shot at unbelieveable crazy happiness by stuffing your greatness into statements like, "If only, but it's too late for me now," or "Yeah, but you can't make any money doing it," or "Too risky. I'll retire first then go after it."



I think so many of our dreams (which really translates into the truth of who we really are) are dashed when we're young by bitter grown ups who march to the conventional tune but really don't want to (and, I'd just like to point out that it's never too late to pursue your dreams, your desires, even for bitter grown ups. Important ask: Why are they so bitter? I bet some arrows point to stuffing dreams in small shoe boxes that get shoved under the bed...).

So, part of the important equation for me to be the artist I know I am, and to make a beautiful life living my truth about me, is to let go of all those old belief systems and voices in my head denying me my RIGHT to pursue my dream. Can I hear an *amen!*? Not saying it will be easy to let go of all those old beliefs looping around and around inside my mind, but it can be done. It's all part of releasing what you're NOT, and embracing what you ARE.

Honestly wasn't sure where this post was going, but I think I got my point across. 

And you know what? I may preach some more on this topic. It's so important to me - to let YOU know that YES! YOU CAN! So, get steppin' and show the world who you really are.


  1. Wonderful empowering post, Alisa! We hold the power to do anything and be anything our heart desires.

    1. Amen to that, Amy! We do - we really do hold that power to be and do anything. I think the hardest part of 'getting it' is that it is that simple. The work comes in taking the steps toward the dream, but it's all part of the big beautiful process. xoxo