Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Step-By-Step With Alisa - 4"x4" Canvas (as featured on!)

Let's begin! So, I already created the mixed media background (I'll do a step-by-step on that, too, since I've had a lot of requests!), so I began with a pencil outline; gessoed the outline; painted over the gesso with a light green gouache, darkening the sides with a green gold. Then I drew in the curved lines, and this pic is of me brushing on the gesso where I will be applying new color.

Gesso dries fairly quickly, so by the time I was done filling in all the lines, I was able to add a rough paint covering over it with cobalt teal (yum!).

I added a green gold to the wet cobalt teal for depth - then blew dry it.

Meet Sassy, my hair drier. Her motto is she 'blows as she goes.'

I then outlined and gessoed the wings on my bug. Once the gesso dries, I overlay a piece of tracing paper and create an outline which will act as my template for the various pieces of collage paper I'll be incorporating.

Collage paper!!! Who can ever have enough??

With graphite paper, I traced the outlines on the tracing paper onto juicy pieces of collage paper. Then cut each piece out. I love that part! What is it about cutting pieces of paper with sharp scissors that's so therapeutic?

When the pieces of paper are cut out and placed on the painting, I use matte varnish to adhere. I recently discovered Claudine Hellmuth's matte multi-medium varnish. It has the consistency of chocolate syrup, and goes on smooth. I don't have to fight it (like I do with some thicker mattes by other manufacturers).

Once the pieces are on, I set the varnish with Sassy ('You blow gurl!').

Once the varnish is dried, I outline the pieces of paper with graphite pencil to give more depth. Then out come the Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens - waterproof Indian ink that allows 'smear' time, but then sets and is permanently on the painting. They are a great tool for shading and adding spikes of color.

The final piece. I added a few rub on embellishments, along with some white opaque flake gel to give the piece more texture. You can NEVER have enough texture.

I will be listing this piece for sale in my Etsy shop this weekend.

Hope you enjoy this tiny demo.



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Friday, May 25, 2012

Psssst - Hi! Guess What's New In The Studio??

New Paintings just Listed on Etsy - These babies are keeping me busy playing with new collaging techniques, and mixed media! I've just discovered glass gel medium which adds a brilliant (literally and figuratively) texture which is fun to run your finger over....

I've been making a lot of owls and birds - but am starting to expand into bugs. Notice a theme here? Wings. Anything with wings - why? I think because I love to collage the wings with an assortment of beautiful collage paper I have in the studio. Nothing is more - satisfying than finding THE perfect pattern for a painting.

Gift boxes have been a big hit lately, so I am creating more! And requests are coming in - so, this weekend I will be...<<biting knuckle>>...starting some Christmas Boxes. Christmas??? ALREADY!??? I believe I know how the elves in the North Pole feel...

 More 4"x4" deep canvas affordable artwork is also available in my shop. I gotta tell ya, the small pieces are a big hit! Folks love to put smaller pieces in places that you'd never think of - like on shelves as accent pieces, or on wall space not big enough for larger paintings. Some clients like to line up their smaller pieces in a row vertically or horizontally - which makes BIG statement.

So, today I'm going to focus on some painting without using any mixed media - just acrylic. Think I can do it????

Cause that'll be a challenge as I look around the studio finding bits and pieces of cut paper lying around....<<sigh>> Oh, the life of an artist....<<wink!>>



Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautiful Happenings

Beautiful happenings going on. Stacks of delicious paintings in the process of creation. Nothing makes me happier than turning canvas into rich textured goopey happiness.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Craft Corners 'Best of the Web' Has Featured My Blog!

"You Like Me! You Really Really Like Me!"

Holy Schnikes am I ever excited!!

Check out the link below to Craft Corners - a fantastic site which features anything from home & garden ideas, handmade jewelry, or art and design projects, with 36,000 views last month alone. Very cool!

What a great honor, truly. I'm so thrilled! And now I'm going to walk around the house feeling very important. Think I'll put my tiara on, too...



My First 2 (Willing) Mixed Media Workshop Students

I feel like a proud parent of my first mixed media workshop
students - all though, I really can't call either one a student
because both are such talented creatives!

 Mixed Media Painting by Sylvia (my Mum!)

Mixed Media Painting on Wood Panel by Lori (My Bestie!)

What better way to spend the afternoon with your Mum and Best Friend than painting together (though these two fantastic women painted with me separately - though I am scheming to have us all paint together in the near future)!? I had the honor to do just that in the past few weeks. The idea sort of just happened. It started with me prodding my Mum to explore her creative painting side. This woman has creativity pouring out of her body and we grew up with fantastic creations by this artist. I always thought she should have worked restoring pieces in the Smithsonian - until she showed me some paintings she did way back before I was born. Those paintings are now framed and hanging in my studio.

I encouraged my Mum to come to my house and we'd go shopping in the studio for any and all materials she'd need. And now I am a proud parent of a Creative Monster - with a few lessons on mixed media mediums and techniques, how paint works, and some color pointers - off she went and created her first piece shown above. My Mum is a story teller - and this painting keeps one's eyes intrigued and IN the painting. A Natural! She is now working on her first Fine Art piece - which, having only put 2 hours of painting in, has completely blown me away. Oh, you KNOW I will post that final painting!

The second painting was created by my best friend, Lori - who claims she hasn't painted in years. I think she's fooling me. Look at her end results! Again, another fantastically creative person who's blown me away with her skill. She and I were thinking of going to a workshop together on encaustic painting, but the cost of the workshop was out of my budget for the month - so I suggested Lori come see me and I'd teach her to mix media. Same scenario - just show up, and we'll go shopping in the studio.

We spent the morning and afternoon painting, chatting, and ordering pizza in for lunch. All the while, Lori was working on her painting - and can I tell you? What a thrill it is to be witnessing that side of someone you know and love like a sister? I've never seen her creative expression through paint before. What a gift! The end results is a painting that reminds me of Salvador Dali. I am so impressed with her skill - that I want to snatch her up for another day of painting.

Painting - no matter what KIND - finger painting, mixed media, just sitting around and sketching - with a close friend or family member is so addicting. Sharing creativity and ideas is priceless and I am so grateful to these two wonderful ladies for letting me "teach" (ha ha!!) them mixed media. In the end, it was both of them who taught ME new things about the creative process, and how beautiful minds create.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/10 - Last Day for May Give-A-Way of original art

Merry Whatever Blog's Last-Day of May Give-A-Way

Two Original pieces by Sandra Caldwell, and Yours Truly

 Mixed Media 'Owl' by Alisa Steady

Painting by Sandra Caldwell

How Do You Win?

All you need to do is make a comment here or here for a chance to WIN.
Also get bonus entries for a purchase from either artist

2 Winners will be posted on May 10th

Good Luck and Thanks from the Artists of Merry Whatever!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Certificate of Authenticity (COA) - Should you provide one to your buyers with your artwork?

To COA or Not To COA....that's a good question!

 Artwork is © 2012 by Alisa Steady Art

Sometimes it feels like I'm on a learning curve when it comes to selling original artwork. I guess it depends on how you see the world, and what your personal expectations are. I've been selling original artwork professionally since 2010 and hold myself to very high standards and expectations as an artist, and seller of original artwork. And truth be told, to date I have never provided my buyers with an Alisa Steady Art Certificate of Authenticity.

Why? Because I never knew they existed, let alone understand what a COA does. Until I accidentally came across the whole idea of having one. A Certificate of Authenticity sounds so..."professional." Like I should be dressed in a beret and a striped shirt with black pegged pants, and have so much angst that my 'manager' becomes my mouthpiece. So, I did some research to find out what kind of artist has a COA, and is a COA restricted only to Fine Art? Or does it cross the spectrum of all kinds of artists?

Turns out  you can can provide a COA with your artwork - any kind of artwork. It makes sense that COA's are provided by a gallery when an art purchase is made, but it also makes sense for you to provide your buyer with one as well. 

I found this article very helpful in terms of defining what a COA provides for a collector. I think you will also find it helpful as an artist.

Artwork is © 2012 by Alisa Steady Art

So, why bother with a COA? Do I really really need to include one whenever I sell a painting?

The answer is: No. I don't have to. But, I'm an artist dedicated to her craft. My work is a priority in my life, and each piece is as every much professionally addressed and preserved as other artsits' who dedicate their lives to creating art. So....with that said....

I'm going to start including COA's with my pieces. Not as a statement of 'look at how artsy I am!,' but to let the buyer know that they are investing in a piece by an artist who is very proud and honored to be sharing her creations with others.

If you are interested in researching a COA for yourself, there are lots of sites that explain what they are - and! there are even sites that provide templates, like this site .

Hopefully this has been a bit helpful. I'm by no means an expert, but I am a professional artist. Like you.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MAY Give-A-Way!

Merry Whatever Blog's May Give-A-Way

Two Original pieces by Sandra Caldwell, and Yours Truly

 Mixed Media 'Owl' by Alisa Steady

Painting by Sandra Caldwell

How Do You Win?

All you need to do is make a comment here or here for a chance to WIN.
Also get bonus entries for a purchase from either artist

2 Winners will be posted on May 10th

Good Luck and Thanks from the Artists of Merry Whatever!