Friday, April 27, 2012

Your Art Is Your Business Card

"Your Art Is Your Business Card" - How True Is That? Very.

'Kitty With Poppies' Artwork is © 2011-2012 by Alisa Steady

Ever get that feeling that someone wrote something specifically for YOU to read and absorb?
I stumbled upon a great article today 'Art Market Marketing Tips Increase Your Art's Value' on website that knocked my socks off (even though I wasn't wearing any). Full of fantastic advice from first steps toward being a full-time artist, to marketing your work, to defining and explaining the value of your artwork (and much much more!) - I highlighted like a crazy woman. In this article, one of the biggest take-aways in my opinion (that I think every artist struggles with) is

Most important first step towards becoming a full-time artist is to keep making art (page 1,3rd article paragraph).

Highlight this. Write it down on a post-it note and stick it where you can see it all the time.

Because how often do you find yourself bogged down with guilt that you should be doing something other than painting to help build your business? I know I struggle with this daily. "How do I market myself and get my work out there without cutting into my creative time?" I mean, let's face it. Administrative work on your FB Page, your blog, your websites, newsletters, fostering good relations with current buyers - all that stuff! - can really freak an artist out because it requires so much time and energy. But as I read this article, I felt an 800 lb gorilla lifted from my shoulders. Of course! Keep making art! Stick to it. Even if your day job eats into your creative time and you're tired when you get home and have kids to feed, games to go to, laundry to do...power through it and make sure you to eek out time to keep creating.

...but you still have to do all the yucky admin stuff, too. Why? Because your art is your business card and works for you 24-hours a day (paragraph 6). You have to keep on creating art and administering to your marketing plan no matter how hard it gets - no matter how much you pull your hair out shaking your fist at the ceiling demanding more time!

'Cityscape' Artwork is © 2011-2012 by Alisa Steady

Yes, I am cheer leading. I am rah-rahing you because this article really dug down deep into what it is you have to do to make your passion your full-time job - if that's what you want.

So worth the read! Do yourself a favor, print it out and read it - sitting on the toitee if you have to! I think you'll find the information golden - truly helpful in advancing you toward your creative dreams.

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  1. I thought I told you this already sweetie... ( Nobody pay attention to me :>( Oh well...)It's why I tell you guys to show your work on Merry Whatever. Show it anywhere you can. Do the giveaways...if folks see and touch you work, they just might buy it. People seeing your work is your business card.
    Lovely pieces above by the way.

  2. You are absolutely right Sandra! :o) You definitely know your marketing strategies!