Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sneak Peak - Valentine's Day!

Gearing up for Valentine's Day with some new artwork. I have two wooden hearts I found at Goodwill that BEGGED me to take them home and revamp'em. The purple heart on the lower right corner of the photograph is one of them (work in progress...who knows what it'll look like when I'm done with it). I love upcycling old art into new creations!

I am experimenting with new collage techniques, and - as always - blasting creativity with lots of bright bold colors. I just can't seem to tone it down - no matter how much I challenge myself. :o)

The two paintings in this photograph are of me - in both paintings the theme is 'being free' or freed from old heavy iron balls that kept the creative self from orbiting to new heights. I find using my own life experiences and translating them into color and themes takes me to new places artwise. Pretty cool.

I will be listing these babies in my Etsy shop later today!

Cheers and all the best for creating,


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  1. Great minds (and artists!) think alike, my friend! Checkin' out your post!