Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trip Out West

I haven't posted in a while because I've been jet setting to Los Angeles the past few weekends. One of the highlights on my trips was visiting a REAL ART STORE!! <<pant pant!>> It's called Swains in Glendale. We don't have real art stores around where I live (and what I mean by real art store is - a store that carries the WHOLE LINE of Golden Products, and multiple other lines of other great products). I bought a couple tubes of paints, but really wanted to buy the whole friggin' store.

My head spins inside that kind of environment. I just want to spend all day checking out the goods. Unfortunately, I only had 45 minutes.

So, I am home now with a bad case of art store envy. I love Michaels, but it just doesn't compare at all to a real art store (that had NO scrapbooking section, but instead a whole aisle of hand made papers! <<faint>>). The nearest real art stores by me are either in Chicago, or up in Madison. I may have to take a road trip....



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  1. I´ve never been to a real art store in my country. The only one I went to and loved wan in Argentina. They are very similar to Europe in many ways and art is an apartment rental in Buenos Aires that was close to the Malba museum and there were a lot of people every day. I´ve never seen so many people going in and out of a museum like I did in Argentina.