Tuesday, July 22, 2014

August Talisman

Fresh off the painting wall. 

Lion. Just in time for the month of Leo.

Which also happens to be my birthday month.


30 x 40 Acrylic on Canvas Titled: Leo 15,000 by Alisa Steady. Copyright 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bears, Bears and More Bears!

There has been a big, furry take over at the Studio D'Steady...big huge canvases demanding bears be brought forth...

24x36 canvas acrylic mixed media
Titled: Freedom At Nanning

30x40 canvas acrylic mixed media
Titled: The Bear

24x36 canvas acrylic mixed media
Titled: The Wizard

And it's all good.

I am finally finding my voice, and tapping into that 'thing' that makes an artist's work unique. The 'why' that lies behind the passion for painting.

Animals. I love animals, and I am a big supporter of animal welfare. Always been an animal person, but now that I found my voice, it's an amazing feeling to be able to translate that passion onto canvas and for good reasons.

Please visit my website alisasteadyart.com to find out more about me and these pieces that are now available from my studio.

Loving the furballs,


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Alisa Steady Art New Arrivals

Been busy as a bee in the Studio! This is a good thing. Lots going on, but wanted to share that these babies are available for Forever Homes. More information on each painting found: alisasteadyart.com

Shipping is free, and I work with my client 1:1 (I don't sell with shopping carts. I prefer actual contact with you via email, or phone. Whichever you prefer).

Working on an abstract series called Property Lines (evidenced below), and a series on animals. Right now it's giraffes and moon bears. A humming bird and an eagle are in mid-creation. 

I love to paint. Did I mention that?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Living In The Present Moment - What That Feels Like

Photo courtesy morguefile.com. Graphics by Alisa Steady.

Been doing a lot of reading lately, and self reflection. Gah, that sounds so pseudo-self righteous let-me-bore-you-to-death-with-my-precious-self-discovery. But that's not where I'm going with this.


Though I will confess that the books I've been enjoying share a 'live in the moment' theme. Peppered, of course, with other juicy insightful nuggets the authors have to share. But that'll be for another post, maybe. If I feel like it.

So, living  in the present moment.

What exactly does that mean? You might know, but I'm still trying to break it down into simpler parts.

I used to get all oogey and queer when someone would respond to one of my daily life meltdowns with, "It's okay. Just live in the moment." To which I would always respond, "Why don't you live in the real world you granola crunching leather wrapped bracelet wearing bloviater."

But recently I've been experiencing a soul-overhaul. Totally self perpetuated, and inspired by 40ish years living on this incredible planet under the regime of what "they" say and getting tired of all the false truths that keep most of us stuck in 'meh'diocre lives.

And the 'living in the present moment' theme is starting to resonate. Deeply. Because it's revealing itself to be a key component to being happy. And happiness, quite frankly, has eluded me most of my life, like a silver wolf in the snow covered woods.

I read recently that anxiety is living in the future, and depression is living in the past. Brilliance! Sheer unadulterated genius. Makes sense, doesn't it?

What also makes sense to me is that living in the present moment (or living in the 'now') allows for a couple of things (I call this combo PAP. And when I need a reminder, I think 'happy pappy'):

1. Awareness: Being sensitive to your surroundings using all five senses. Consciously seeing, hearing, tasting, moving. It sounds kinda strange, but if you pay attention to the action of the moment, it is like tapping into the other side of the veil of reality. As in: There is more to All Of This than what you think. Like an invite to a world of magic, and you're Alice!

2. Peace: There is a peaceful feeling that accompanies living in the present. As if the past / future have been suspended and a sense of 'it's going to be all right' prevails. But not in a drug induced kind of way, because responsibility will not dissipate. But openness and clarity filter in, which are good partners in solving any challenges you might have (which you might not have thought about in a state of past or future, or both)

3. Appreciation: Living in the moment has heightened my appreciation for what's really going on, and what's really important. Like being here, alive, healthy, and capable of working miracles in my own life.

A good example of living in the present moment are dogs. Yep. Those barking fur balls are exactly what living in the present moment / living in the now looks like. Unencumbered by 'stuff' and free to leap about the living room, or back yard, or dog park in unbridled happiness without a care in the world...

I look to dogs, and all the other fur balls (and submergable wonders who play in the seas) to get a real understanding of what 'living in the present moment' looks like, and feels like.

Learning to do it is difficult, and sustaining the ability to do it is challenging. But with some practice - it can elevate you to a whole new level of perception / experiencing life as it's meant to be experienced.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Staking Your Claim - Educating The 'Ask'er

Photo courtesy of morguefile.com
So, this tugged at my soap box (which I'll gladly pull out for this post).

I'm only posting (lately it seems) on topics that really resonate with me / strike a chord - because it's these chords that also resonate with you. Yay us!

As an artist, I do a lot of marketing out to the world, presenting my work and drawing lots of interest, fans, followers, and business opportunities in the form of requests to use my work to publish in a book, or use on a magazine cover, or to illustrate a point in an article someone is writing.

All of it good. All of it encouraged. However, I do get the occasional Ask (as did one of my fellow artists that sort of triggered this need to write about it...) that centers purely around 'The Ask' only, and not The Whole (Ask + Answer = Agreement). In other words, The Ask's intention comes from a one way street mentality that benefits the Asker only, leaving the creative provider out in the cold.

What the hell am I talking about?

Okay, what I'm trying to get to is this: For anyone who approaches an artist about their work to use say, on a book cover, it's not cool to suggest that the use of the artwork will be 'free marketing of your (the artist's) work!' and let's leave it at that. And then assume the artist will fall all over themselves thanking the Approacher for this amazing "opportunity," because, after all, the Approacher is doing the artist a "favor" with this gift of  generosity.

My over all gut reaction to these types of asks is:

BIG HUGE F@$%&*! NO.

Classroom Time:

It is not okay to approach an artist (or writer, or photographer, or knitter, or any creative) to use their work and expect to provide zero payout or compensation. That is overall bad business conduct.

It is not okay to assume an artist (or writer, or photographer, or knitter, or any creative) will jump at the chance to work with you simply because - well, we all know that artists are starving and throwing out a bread crumb would be a nice thing to do.

It is not okay to assume that just because you've written the next Great American Novel that an artist (or photographer, or knitter, or creative) will immediately jump at the chance to 'work with you' just because - well, you've written the next Great American Novel.


Lest we forget, professional artists and all the other professional folks who fall under the creative umbrella are business people. Entrepreneurs. People who build businesses and create goals around building said creative businesses, and are striving to attain the highest level of success and excellence just as much as the next professional business person.

So, before an Approacher embarrasses him or herself with sheer unbridled ignorance, here is a list of questions an Approacher should be able to answer solidly before <<clicking>> SEND on their computer:

1. Have I properly introduced myself to the Artist / Creative individual I'm interested in possibly working with (this includes looking at websites, FB page, Google name - you know, basic 5 minute due diligence)?

2. Have I properly explained who I am, what my project is, and why I am approaching Artist / Creative?

3. Have I properly addressed the Partnership Factor with said Artist / Creative - to show that I'm not a Taker, but an equal partner in the transaction?

That's just a start. My list could go on and on...

Real quick: Recently I was approached by someone who was interested in my artwork. She introduced herself in her email, gave me some background, and link to her work, and why she was interested in partnering with me to use my work. It was a total Ask + Answer = Agreement - no brainer. Because her request and explanation aligned with my vision, branding, and business integrity, I gave her a big whopping F@!#$ YES! 


Friday, April 4, 2014

A Call To Arms: Find Your Voice

Artwork by Alisa Steady, 24 x 24,  Copyright 2014
I can tell you what being an artist is not...
It is not easy.
It is not always fun.
It not a hobby, or a way to kill time.
It is not unimportant.
It is not for the faint of heart.

Let me tell you what being an artist is...
It is immensely rewarding.
It is highly disciplinary.
It is hard work.
It is heart breaking.
It is joyful beyond words.

And one of the hardest things an artist will ever do is find his / her true authentic voice.

What is a true authentic voice? Well, that's the hard part. What is it exactly?

I'm learning that your true authentic voice is the creativity that is wholly yours. Unencumbered by other voices you admire, and uninhibited by what others might expect from you as an artist (and mind you, this applies to anyone following a passion, be it art, writing, photography, merging businesses, buying stocks, owning a horse ranch...everyone).

A true authentic voice is YOU minus the expectations the world and society puts on you and your chosen dream profession.

And it's hard to combat all the external "you shoulds" and "past historical evidence says" and and and and....
In my artist world, I see too many artists NOT painting with their true authentic voices. Instead they are painting the backup chorus to another artist's true authentic voice. It's easy to do. I have done it as well. You see an artist you love, admire, and want to "be" like - and bam. Next thing you know you're painting like 'em.

It's human nature.

But, it's also human nature to say, "Eff this. I'm going after my own artistic voice, move over...." But that's the really really really hard part, guys. Digging in DEEP, tunneling down through all the shit, past the images of favorite artists and paintings, right into the DEPTHS of your soul to quietly hear your own voice sing. And then, after a time of searching for it, you find it and slowly bring it up through the depths and out into the world - and it's scary as hell. Because - what if no one likes the sound of your true authentic voice??

But I'm here to reassure you that - if you truly paint from what is wholly YOU and only you (and this can take years, guys. Anything worth sacred is worth the blood sweat and tears to find it), the world will embrace your voice, and will want to hear it all the time.

So, that is my latest breakthrough. I'm in the midst of it, but I'm getting there.

I am embarking on the most wonderful adventure of my life - finding my true authentic voice.

Want to join me? Let's find our voices!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Do You Believe In Manifesting Your Own Reality?

Photo courtesy of morguefile.com
When I was in my early twenties, I lived the typical early twenties life living in the big city and sharing apartments and Friday nights out with girlfriends. I worked and went to school, and dated. A lot. I had a good time.

In 1998, my sister gave me a book that changed my life. I was going through a difficult time (ending things with a boy), and she thought it would help. And it did. That book was Conversations With God (CWG), by Neal Donald Walsh (and one of the greatest gifts I've ever received).

I learned a lot from the book, mainly that I was responsible for my own happiness. That statement alone encompasses a huge circumference of deep thinking, pondering, and asking lots and lots of questions - which transpired over the years, through my 30s, right up to today. Right up to *now*.

That book was the kick off to years of finding and studying spirituality and personal growth. I understand I'm a student of all spiritual explorations, not just a subscriber to one.

Another principal of CWG that I have studied and employed to a great degree in my life is the creation of my own reality, or 'manifestation'.

Sure, it sounds woo-woo - enough to scare a few people away. But. Being a practical thinker and an evidence-based rational-izer, I can say with 100% certainty based on my own life experiences since 1998 that it is true. That we are (you and me) the creators of our own realities, and that we do indeed manifest our thoughts and images.

When I look back over the past sixteen years of my life, I see physical evidence of what I put out to the Universe, and what the Universe delivered. My husband, for example, is one of those manifestations. I knew what I desired in a partner, and put it out there, no if ands or buts, and - poof. Along came Addison who is not only my husband, but my best friend and hero. I have many more examples of deliberate manifesting (and not so deliberate). But recently - as in since the beginning of the year - I have been actively manifesting my heart's desires. The end result is a heart full of gratitude, and wider circle of creative friends, and big steps into creating a very successful art career.

This is not a new concept - manifesting your reality. In fact, the concept is as old as the hills. Many cultures and religions speak of it, and is evidenced in our modern vernacular with phrases like: 'Careful what you ask / wish for' and 'Just Do It'.

It's a very positive concept, too. Encouraging. A beacon of truth that constantly reminds us that we don't have to live a life that is less than spectacular, and devoid of daily joy.

So, if you're on the fence about being the creator of your own life, and having the power and ability to manifest your dreams - I encourage you to rethink it. And if you need a couple of books, I have some to recommend.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Me, May My Heart Always Be Happy

24x24 Acrylic, by Alisa Steady
I was skyping last night with a dear friend of mine. She's an artist (an amazing one at that!) and person I look to for advice on art and spiritual guidance. She says she's knows a little about a lot, but I sense she knows much more than she thinks she does....

...because we got to talking about how stepping into yourself, becoming who you really are, actually benefits the world. How? Because when you are your authentic self, you are *happy*. 

How many people can truly look at themselves in the mirror and say, "I'm really happy!" Not a lot, unfortunately, though - there is change in the air. 

Something is beginning to stir in the hearts of mankind.

Back in September, I had a sudden urge to start painting hearts. Yeah yeah, I thought. So girly. Why hearts? But I kept doing it. And collaged hearts eventually turned into gigantic hearts on big huge canvas.

But still, I asked, "Why hearts?" Part of that question was answered in January. I have a big heart and a lot to say, so naturally, my message is in the heart. But last night, in speaking with my friend, she explained that I have a calling to paint hearts. It's what I'm supposed to be doing because there is a message in each heart that is meant for someone out there....someone who will get the message, and find their 'happy.' 

It is so vitally important to the human spirit to find and exist in a space of HAPPY. Happy is one of the end results of PEACE + LOVE. When people are happy, magic happens. Hate subsides. Love grows. Fear dissipates. Hope emerges.

We need more happy in our lives, in our society, in our world.

I am a soldier for Happy. And my hearts are my Message.

Soldier on, beautifuls.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What if....

Love Letter, 12x30x2, Acrylic
by Alisa Steady

....we lived in a world where everyone was doing what they loved to do? Instead of schlepping through the workweek with a glazed over look in the eye?

What if we didn't live for the weekends, and actually looked forward to Mondays?

What if people stopped what they were doing long enough to self examine who they are and where they are right *now*, and ask themselves, 'If I'm not happy, what would I rather be doing?'

We live in a world full of opportunities and new adventures. We exist alongside a Universe that is loving, and provides us everything we ask for...

...so why are so many of us feeling trapped in our jobs? In our lives?

What if we weren't frightened by the 'All Mighty Pay Check' and really deep dived into ourselves to discover an old dream - the one that used to keep us excited about rockets, time travel, colorful drawings, and visits to exotic places?

What if...?

and what would life look like if we changed it?

Friday, February 21, 2014

'Fake It Til You Make It' - And Everything *Wrong* With That

I have clocked many day job hours in the corporate world, and one of the anthems I hear in casual conversation around the water cooler is "Hey, fake it til ya make it, you know?" And that <<whole>> icky ju-ju surrounding this statement is *so* negative, and *so* indicative of a mindset - it's like driving a poisonous spike into the rich soil of personal growth. 

That's why I want to talk about it. This mindset is not just limited to some of the cogs in Corporate America, either. It's everywhere. I hear it all the time - out in the world, on t.v.  That whole 'fake it' mindset is dangerous. I mean, if you take a sec to really think about what this means - what it's implying - doesn't it make you feel kinda, gross?  I mean, what is the message that's being sent? 

First message: A big huge hot steaming pile of expectation and instant gratification, please. Hey, I don't have to work hard where I am now if I'm eyeing that end goal down the road. What should I? I don't care about 'now.' I care about 'then.'

Second message:  Non-investment in current situation. Why should I waste time investing knowledge and subject matter expertise right 'now' if I'm aiming for that over there?

Third message: Total disregard and lack of respect for self, and others who may (or may not be) affected by mindset.

And I could go on. And on. And on.

Frankly, it's disappointing to hear those words flow so easily out of someone's mouth. 

You won't hear it coming out of mine. I don't want to fake like I know how to be an artist in order to BE the artist I aspire to become. Besides, the big glaring 'DUH!' at the end of all this is:

If you fake it til you make it to your end goal, how the hell are you going to stay there if you have no fucking foundation or firm grasp on understanding HOW you got there in the first place?

So, please - if you use that expression? Think about it before you let it fly out of your mouth. It makes you look bad, and it leaves a really really long lasting bad impression on other hard working people around you.